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Biomass pellets energy becomes the "new favorite" in Europe

Oct. 05, 2022

"Renewable" and "green" fuels can help them carry through the cold winter. Moreover, this "renewable" fuel is widely used in Europe, far more than wind power and solar power.

However, this kind of fuel, which is so important for Europeans to spend the winter, has now been collectively opposed by many major mainstream media in Europe and the United States.

In fact, we can basically see this so-called "renewable" fuel every day when we open our eyes, because this fuel is wood in essence - it is just the "wood" that Europeans use to burn. According to their own parlance, it is the leftover bits and pieces of wood used in construction and other industries, such as wood chips generated during logging and wood processing, that are compressed into wood pellets.

Biomass pellets energy becomes the "new favorite" in Europe

According to the industry group that advocates this kind of fuel, this kind of wood pellets generates "much less smoke and dust" than coal burning, but the heat energy generated is "quite good". It is also "waste utilization", cheap, and comes from "renewable" trees. Moreover, the carbon released by burning wood pellets is part of the natural carbon cycle in nature and will be absorbed by newly planted trees, It will not directly destroy the natural cycle like the carbon generated by fossil energy, so it can be called a "green", "environmental protection" and "renewable" energy.

Of course, not only wood, such as straw in agriculture, can also be made into fuel similar to wood pellets by similar pressing methods. This kind of fuel made of growable organics is also called "biomass energy" or "biomass fuel".

The public reports of the New York Times and other media also show that before the outbreak of the Russian Ukrainian conflict, such wood pellets had been used for heating and even power generation in large areas in European countries, and their utilization rate even exceeded that of wind and solar energy. A public document of the European Pellet Council also pointed out that as early as 2018, Europe had become the world's largest market and origin of wood granules.

In order to achieve its "carbon neutral" green emission reduction goal, the EU lists wood pellets as "green renewable" energy that can obtain government subsidies. Even the United States passed a law to support the development of the wood pellets industry last year for the same reason.

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