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Biomass pellet production line

Oct. 19, 2022

Recently, many customers have asked how much a set of biomass pellet machine production line costs, and how much a set of biomass pellet machine costs in detail, which is really hard to say. This depends on the moisture and output of raw materials to determine the type of pellet machine equipment needed and other auxiliary equipment. All equipment is used for raw materials. Querying raw materials is a key step in granulation. Crop straw, including the residue after harvest and the waste after agricultural product processing, is a very rich renewable biomass resource.

Features of Rotex Biomass pellet machine:

1、 Smooth spindle: the reducer oil is selected to be smooth, which can fully smooth the spindle when lowering the temperature.

2、 Pressure roller bearing: During the whole operation cycle of the pressure roller, the method without oil injection and bearing replacement can be selected. You can also choose a controllable oil injection method based on the oil pressure at any time, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. According to the customer's address and method, the switch is reasonable and more user-friendly.

3、 Gearbox transmission enhancement

1. The whole machine is driven by parallel helical gear with good tooth contact.

2. Hardened helical gears are selected in the reduction gearbox. The gear surface is widened, the gear module is increased, and the gear overlap is large. The load of each pair of gears is reduced. The load of progressive gears is adjusted, and the strength of gears in the reduction gearbox is 5-10 times stronger than that in the traditional reduction gearbox.

3. The bypass water cooling system equipment is selected for the gearbox smooth oil to prevent the oil temperature from being too high and greatly enhance the service life of the internal bearing.

4. The failure rate is lower than that of traditional reducer.

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